Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A few of my favorite sites.

Hi everyone hope your week is off to a great start.

I know most of us are on tight budgets so I thought I would share a few sites I go to where you can earn points that can be redeemed for various items. I have tried a ton of sites and these are the one's I find really come through. Last year I was able to do almost my entire holiday shopping with what I had earned. And it did not take hours of time to do I simply spent about half an hour 3-4 days a week.

First is Opinion Square they are a survey site that rewards you with points for every survey you complete. What I like is even when you do not qualify for a survey you will be given a token that you can use to play their instant win game were you win points every time. You can then trade the points in for a variety of things including DVDs, CDs, and video games. I also like that they have a lot of gourmet and organic grocery items. They get all prizes through Amazon and the items ship quite quickly.

OK the drawback some of the surveys are long and rather boring so be prepared.

Next is Swagbucks. Basically it is a search engine where you randomly get swagbucks for doing normal internet searches. You will win swagbucks almost daily and if you check out there blog or follow on Twitter you can catch limited free codes that will automatically give you at least one free buck. They can add up quickly then be cashed in for a variety of things, though my favorite is to swap them for Amazon certificates.

The main drawback for me is there search engine is really bad it pulls up mostly advertisement sites which I hate. But usually I get swagbucks in my first few searches.

And last but far from least is BzzAgent. How it works is you will be asked to do some initial surveys to build your profile. Then you wait for an invite to try a product. You give it a try and tell people you know about it. Then you simply go back to Bzz write a few paragraphs about how you bzz'd the product and the reactions you received. It really is simple and the cool thing is once you have done several campaigns you will start getting invited into bigger ones. I have tested and got to keep a Harmony one touch screen remote and a Phillips Sonic tooth brush this past year. In addition to the goodies you get you also will be awarded points at MyPoints that you can trade in for gift cards.

I know things like these are not everyone's cup of tea but at least for me it was a huge help with giving my girls a nice Christmas so I thought I would share.

Also if you know any sites that are tried and true let us know I am always looking and would love to check them out.

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